Layla Guest is a yoga, Pilates and movement instructor, writer, choreographer, mother and friend in Los Angeles. She holds an MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College and currently leads the Group Fitness Program at Equinox in Downtown LA.

She started sneaking into dance classes at her preschool when she was 2 and took her first yoga class at age three, with her mother, in their living room, following along with Raquel Welch in a zebra-print, tube top bathing suit. You could say she's been hooked on movement since the beginning. 

Layla's classes are unique, dynamic and fun. She chooses her movement sequences carefully to support exploration, development and confidence. Her eclectic taste in music means you might hear music that soothes you, fuels and inspires you, makes you want to groove or even giggle. A wholly empathetic teacher, don't count on taking yourself too seriously, unless of course, that's your intention.

In the end, Layla hopes that you'll use her classes to make yourself a priority while finding your strength, compassion, power, subtlety, courage, ferocity, humor, fluidity, what else... ? 

She lives in LA with her husband, Jordan and daughter, Naomi in a Craftsman house built in 1910. The floors are squeaky, the fireplace is crooked and you have to skip one broken/loud step on the way upstairs if you're trying not to wake the baby. They couldn't be happier.