Layla Guest is a woman, mama, wife, daughter, friend + teacher living in Los Angeles. She is an empath, an introvert with social skills and highly intuitive. Through her many years of study in movement, dance + somatic based systems she has developed an empathy for the way it truly FEELS to be a human in the 21st century.

Layla holds a BFA and MFA in Dance + Choreography from California Institute of the Arts and Sarah Lawrence College, respectively. She has taught movement-based and dance classes to students as young as 2 and as experienced as 95-years old, in some cases she and her students did not speak the same language in any capacity and relied solely on movement, expression, touch and energy to communicate. From a public high school in Long Beach, Ca to luxury fitness facilities, her approach to teaching is always informed by the students in the room and the lively, spirited, vulnerable + magical exploration of the human spirit through movement. Her current teaching schedule can be found here.

As a certified yoga, pranayama + meditation instructor, Pilates Instructor and running coach, Layla deepens her connection to the many reasons a person comes to a movement practice - healing, enrichment, longevity, stress-release, aesthetics, distraction. She has studied human anatomy and creative + critical writing extensively and played the Balinese Gamelan for one-year in college.

From a young age, she was encouraged to foster and develop a relationship with all things magic, other-worldly and beautifully ancient. Through studying + practicing yoga, pranayama, tarot, oracle, meditation, The Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais + psychotherapy (as a student + client), Layla has developed a unique style of tarot reading, tarot magic, tarot medicine. Please click here to learn more.

All of this is to say, in her experience, human vulnerability is the sweetest, most sacred form of connection. It’s also what a person must bring to a tarot reading to truly get the most potency.

In other realms, Layla has created things ‘n stuff since she realized she had opposable thumbs. In Kindergarten she made shoes from loopers (loops of neon nylon fabric that could be weaved together), in high school she sold her classmates custom backpacks and these days it’s handcrafted jewelry, tarot accessories and various wearables for adults and kiddos. Click here for more info and to see what’s available!

Please feel free to contact me directly with questions!