My name is Layla. Layla Guest. I am Layla Guest.

I am a woman navigating the era of President 45. A woman continually baffled/shocked/disheartened/angry/in awe of the unreasonable inequality, hate, injustice, dis-understanding and lack of empathy in the world. 

I am also a woman amazed by the human spirit. By the purity and un-fuckwithable nature of many. By the tenacity and drive of the leaders, locally, nationally and (thank goddess) internationally, who are working tirelessly to move forward for change and good.

I am a mother. I am a mother to a miraculous girl, Naomi Archer. I am humbled and challenged hourly. I am succeeding and failing simultaneously and I am forever grateful for this experience in motherhood.

I am a wife. I am married to a shirt-tucked in, irons his clothes daily, bearded, beer-drinking, meat-eating, music-loving, travel obsessed, oldest of three, half-Italian, self-proclaimed rationalist, altruistic grandson of a WWII veteran from North Country, New York. We grow more intricate and complicated by the minute, but my therapist says we're right on track.

I am a daughter. I am the daughter of Louise and Tony. I am the only child of parents who listen and love and work and laugh and think and talk and ask and support and challenge and and and... all the ands. 

I am a friend. I am a loyal friend who prefers small groups or one-on-one. I am open and working to always be a better listener. I am a friend who will always have your back but sometimes I have to have your back over the phone or text or email because I'm always tired and have a baby and could really use a nap. But I love you, friend. So much. And I'm always rooting for you.

I am a teacher of movement arts - yoga, dance, Pilates. I am lucky to do this for a living. 

I am training to become both a doula and a homeopath.

I am overcoming overeating and taking control of my deep visceral health for the first time even though I've been working in wellness + fitness + movement for my entire adult life. 

I am meeting the pendulum where is swings. I am taking a step back from trying to achieve constant balance. I am allowing myself to meet balance fluidly, with an effort to accept change with grace.

I am writing for the first time in a long time. For fuel, for release, for creativity, for record-keeping, for catharsis. 

I am so glad you are here.