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Layla is honored to offer intuitive tarot readings in person in Los Angeles, Ca or from the comfort of your chosen space via phone, facetime or skype. Please CONTACT me to book a reading or to learn more about whether a reading is right for you… #protip, it’s right for you!

What is a tarot reading and what should I expect in my reading?

•It’s important to remember that all readings are different and unique to the querent (you). We’ll spend a few minutes connecting and getting comfortable with each other - verbalizing your intentions and sharing any pertinent info regarding where you are: energetically, emotionally, spiritually.

•We will pull an intuitive spread based on your intention or question. Spreads can be very general and open-ended such as PAST|PRESENT|FUTURE, MIND|BODY|SPIRIT or specifically designed spreads created by respected and renowned tarot readers to address a rut you’re in, a look at your year ahead (good for a New Year or a birthday, though not necessary) or to guide you through a question you have.

•We will look at the cards as individual stories and archetypes as well as the way that their frequencies act together – exploring the deep, rich complexity of the cards in concert.

I want to know what my future is, can you do that?

•Thanks for asking, no. I am not a fortune teller

How should I prepare for our reading?

•It is wildly important that you come to this reading with an open-mind and open heart = vulnerability. If you aren’t ready to break open a bit, this may not be the right time for a reading. That’s ok – we’ve got our whole lives to work together.

I’m a little sacred, what if I find out something I don’t want to know? What if we pull the Death card?

•I get it, fear is real. It manifests in so many ways and in every way, it is real.

•I invite you to remember that tarot is not a magic trick and I am not a fortune teller.

•There’s no such thing as a “bad card.” Consider giving yourself permission to release the fear. The cards are designed to point towards truth and most likely, you are seeking a reading because you have whole-heartedly experienced the vast complexity of human life, the good, the bad, the exquisite, the devastating, the light and the dark. The cards tell the heroine’s journey – life… in all its forms.

I don’t know if I really believe in tarot. prove it.

• No thanks, I am not in the business of “proving” the magic of the tarot. I use my sacred intuition to bring forward questions, truths, potential, insight + magic to guide your way of thinking… to provide a path that may not be clear on a surface level.

How much do you charge for a reading?

•My current rate is $100 per 1-hour reading.

•If you are experiencing financial hardship and feel connected to me as a reader, please email me and let’s discuss scholarship opportunities.

Would you consider a trade/barter of goods and/or services?

•Def! Hit me up and let me know what you’ve got!

I want to buy a reading for my friend, sister, mother, coworker. Can I purchase a gift card?

•Thank you for asking! Yes! Contact me so that we can coordinate!

More questions? Feel free to send them to me directly!